Cookies Policy

Cookies are data sent to your computer from our website. When you visit our site, they permit us to differentiate you from others based on your visits. Cookies help us provide useful features such as ‘Your Recent Searches’. Cookies do not carry any personal information. We do not use them to collect personal details.

Monitoring our usage of cookies

You can accept or refuse all or certain cookies using your browser settings. You can clear the cookies that have already been stored in your computer by adjusting your browser settings. Depending on your browser version, the ‘menu’ options will vary. Usually, instructions can be obtained from your browser interface by clicking the 'Help' function and searching for 'cookies'. Click on 'Cookies from other websites' to monitor the usage of cookies.

Third party cookies

While browsing our website, your computer will store several third party cookies which are used solely with the aim of our advertisement placement on those sites in the future. This advertising may be focused on you, based on the fact that you have visited our website and is customised based on the hotels that you have viewed or other relevant suggestions.

Functional cookies

We use a session cookie that remains until the duration of your visit. It gets deleted once you close your browser and is purely used to recognise that you are a similar user considering your movement from page to page. Also, to make it easier for you to use our site, we use a cookie to remember your search criteria and complete the search form every time you use it. Cookies can be used to show a list of your latest searches at the bottom – just like a shortcut for you to re-run a prior search.

Analytical cookies

We use ‘analytical’ cookies to determine the number of onlookers and see how they move around the site. Additionally, it helps us to improve the way our website works. For example, analytical cookies help us to make sure that users are easily able to find relevant information.